Rebranding / White labeling your world (beta)

This feature is currently in beta version. We are looking for your feedback.

You can customize WorkAdventure to put your own brand in value. Use the rebranding (or white label) features to:

  • Replace WorkAdventure logos with your own logos
  • Use your own domain name (instead of

Rebranding settings are located in the World edition pop-up.

Using a custom domain

DNS setup

In order to use a custom domain for your WorkAdventure world, you will first need to have a dedicated domain or sub-domain for WorkAdventure.

You need administrator access to your registrar's DNS settings to configure the domain name properly.

Log into your registrar account.

Assuming your domain name is and you want to create a, you will need to create a new CNAME record, whose value will be

Your settings will probably look like this:

Host name Type TTL Data
world CNAME 1H

The final dot in is important. Do not forget it!

Domain configuration

When the DNS configuration is done, go to your WorkAdventure account, in the world edition page, and head to the "White Label / Rebranding" section.

Screenshot of the domain setup

URL structure

When your custom domain is configured, the URL of your rooms will look like this:[anything you want]

The /@/ part in the URL is compulsory. The rest of the path can be configured freely in the "slug" field of the room. The slug can contain "/" characters.

Pro tip: in order to have the same exits in your test setup and your production setup, we advise you to use the name of the map file as the slug. So if your map file name is castle.json, you can use castle.json as the slug of your room to have the same exitUrl in testing and in production.

Common questions

Can I host WorkAdventure in a path of an existing domain?

No, you cannot host your world in a sub-path of an existing domain. For instance, if your website is hosted at, you cannot host your world at You can however create a dedicated domain at

Can I link a domain to several worlds?

Only one world can be linked to one domain, and conversely, only one domain can be used for one world.

Customize graphical assets

Most graphical assets (images) of WorkAdventure can be modified from the World edition pop-up in the admin dashboard.

Next to your world name, click on the pencil icon. A popup will open. Go to the "Graphical assets" section:

Screenshot of the "edit your world" - Graphical Assets section

You can replace the following assets:

Logo to be used on the authentication page
Screenshot of the authentication page
Square logo to be used to toggle menu on the game page
Screenshot of the front
Background image of the authentication (replaces the black background)
Screenshot of authentication page
Logo displayed on the loading screen
Screenshot of loading screen
Logo displayed on the loading screen of the co-website in the game
Screenshot of front with a co-website
Logo displayed on the "Enter your name" page
Screenshot of select name screen
Image displayed on the error page
Screenshot of error page
Image displayed on the waiting page
Screenshot of waiting page