Work with our project team to create a custom virtual working space

Create and custom your own map. Why not adding an infinity pool for chill out sessions between teammates!

Join the Future of Work by creating dynamic workplaces!


WorkAdventure asset, it's red cloud on the partner integration.
WorkAdventure asset, it's red cloud on the partner integration.

Integrate your favorite work tools to collaborate online.

Collaborate with the best designers

You want to implement a Virtual Office that perfectly fits your organization needs? You imagine your next event online but don't know how to bring it to life? You don't have the time to create your next virtual campus and would love some support?

WorkAdventure is working with the best skilled designers that are fully available for you!

WOKA of Grégoire alias GRL in our story

Hi, my name is Grégoire and I'm here to conceptualize creative ideas! I've been working closely with my clients to bring simplicity and user friendliness to their virtual experience!

WOKA of Grégoire Parant alias GRP in our story

Hey, Grégoire down here (lots of Greg in our team you can say)! My passion is to offer outstanding customer experiences by designing and building maps that perfectly fit my clients' needs.

WOKA of Valdo Romao alias GRP in our story

I'm Valdo, based in Lisboa and always available for my clients! I've been working for more than 10 years in executing all visual design project steps from concept to hand-off to engineering.

WOKA of Alexis Faizeau alias ALF in our story

Hey, Alexis at your service here! I combine my creativity and excitement for software programming and graphics to create an entirely personalized virtual space for my clients!

Enjoy teamwork in your project development

Our aim is to make sure you get the best of WorkAdventure and the funniest experience you could have ever imagined! To do so, our skilled designers will work hand in hand with you to create a 100% custom project that fits your needs.

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Get a designated team: a project manager and a skilled designer will be working with you throughout the whole process.

Woka service

Get a first meeting with your team project to define your needs and the structure of your project. You'll get a quotation and a complete project planning.


There will be back and forth of deliverables: you'll get minimum 2 deliverables, and more if needed, until it completely fits your needs!


Once your project is ready, you'll get a final meeting with your team project so that they make you a virtual guide tour and show you all the features integrated in your virtual place!


Your team project will be available for the launch of your virtual place and you'll get a follow-up on your experience with your team and WorkAdventure.

One platform to communicate, collaborate and have fun

WorkAdventure has included some special features so that your virtual experience can be fully appreciated and simple to organize!

Custom maps and characters

Your virtual event is completely customizable! Choose how many amphitheaters, meeting rooms or chill-out sessions you'd like to have! Why not having palm trees in your workshop room ? And don't forget to personalize your Woka so that it fits your personality!

Picture of feature custom maps and characters available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Livestream and conferences

The talk will be broadcasted to the audience inside WorkAdventure using Youtube Live. If you already have a Webinar solution and you'd like to keep it while using WorkAdventure as a social gathering place, you can host the webinar talk on your solution (like LiveStorm) and redirect your attendees to WorkAdventure for chillout sessions, networking and afterworks!

Picture of feature livestream and conferences available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Role management

You can give special rights to some of your users. Administrators can ban users who are not respecting your code of conduct. Moderators can mute users in meeting rooms, and way more!

Picture of feature role management available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Open and restricted areas

Your event can be accessible to anyone who has the link, but you also can restrict the access to a given list of attendees. You can upload the list of attendees using a CSV file. Need to manage attendees through an API? Contact us.

Picture of feature open and restricted areas available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Sponsor area

Plan a cosy space for your sponsors. Put a dedicated meeting room for them where they can make live demonstrations or engage with your attendees.

Picture of feature sponsor area available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.


Your attendees can report users with an incorrect behavior. Administrators can send one to one messages with users behaving poorly and can ban users that breach your code of conduct.

Picture of feature moderation available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Global messages

Administrators can send a global message to everyone on the map. It can be a text message, an audio message or both. It's very useful to remind attendees that a new talk is starting or that they should come and see a demo on a speaker booth!

Picture of feature global messages available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Panel information

In order to make dedicated zones clearer to attendees, use panels information and direct signs so that they fully enjoy a smooth virtual event!

Picture of feature panel information available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.

Custom tags & video games

Let's imagine you could showcase your website, some digital documentation, or why not video games? iFrames will allow you to imagine all kind of custom tags!

Picture of feature custom tags & video games available when you create your own WorkAdventure event.
WorkAdventure logo placed in bottom page. It's WorkAdventure coffee cup.

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