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Events & Virtual space

Yes! You can transform your next online event into an immersive experience that attendees would not forget thanks to WorkAdventure.

Whether you gather 10, 100 or 1 000 attendees, WorkAdventure is made for all kind of online events (webinars, workshops, conferences, fairs, onboardings, social meet ups...) and with unlimited number of users.

Import or export users:

It is possible to import your attendees' list in your WorkAdventure back office, just like you'll be able to export it. Don't forget to do it before the event starts, as it will be helpful to send the kickoff email to everyone and custom tokens to make sure attendees have access to your virtual event!

Invite your attendees to join the event:

The best way of onboarding your attendees is to make a good communication and to take the time to explain how your virtual event will be organized (why not adding also a 'Help desk' at the entrance of your map? You still have the time). To do so, use our template and add the link of your virtual event or feel free to use one of yours. You can also send an Auto Login Token which is a personalized link for easier access.

WorkAdventure is GDPR compliant and we do not store any kind of data.

That is why you will not be able to get statistics from your event. However, the only Data we can provide is how many users were connected to your virtual space(s) during your event.

You can get the detailed list of connected users in your virtual space if your subscribe to one of our premium plans.

You can send global messages to a part or all of your audience in your virtual space(s) if you subscribe to one of our premium plans.

Global messages include text and audio messages.

You can easily exchange contact details with other attendees using business cards (accessible only in premium plans).

You can add all your information directly from the menu button on the platform. See contact details from other users by clicking on their name and then "business cards".

WorkAdventure is different from classic video-conferencing platforms and might surprise your attendees! We advice you to send a general communication beforehand with a short "First Steps in WorkAdventure" tutorial.

It is very common that attendees enter your map at the same time. We recommend creating silent zone at the entrance of your map so that attendees do not connect with several people at the same time. Read more about silent zones here.

Near the entrance, we also recommend adding a Help Desk with a PDF or website that explains the agenda of your event. You can also add a short "First Steps in WorkAdventure" document in case people are facing some issues.

You can decide to have a private or public map for your online event:

  • 1. If your map is private, each attendee will have his custom URL (it looks like:[token]). Send the invitation email from your dashboard after having imported all attendees' email addresses.
  • 2. If your map is public, you can also send the invitation email from your dashboard to all your attendees. However, keep in mind that your public link (it looks like:[organization]/[world]/[room]) can be used by anyone at any time. For that matter, we strongly recommend to share the public link few minutes before your online event starts.

There are 3 ways of getting your the perfect map for your online event:

  • 1. Pick up a ready-to-use template

    We have made available several ready-to-use templates for hosting online events on our website. Select one that matches your needs and sign in to get access to your map and dashboard.

    Get started now!
  • 2. Create your online event map from scratch

    WorkAdventure is 100% customizable. Check out the full documentation, follow the Starter Kit and use Tiled to create your map by yourself. You can decide whether to self-host your map as WorkAdventure is open source, or to sign in and enjoy our premium features.

  • 3. Plan your project with one of our map designers

    The WorkAdventure team is made up of a bunch of skilled designers. Whether you want a custom map created from scratch, or just some adjustments to a ready-to-use template, contact our team at: he[email protected], or visit us directly in our virtual offices.

You get access to premium features when you subscribe to a paid plan. We created 2 differents paid plans, from 1 to 5 days long, to fit perfectly your needs.

If you have a big online event that lasts few days and need to test your map with your integrations before your online event starts, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

If you have a premium plan, you can livestream in WorkAdventure. Youtube live is the easiest way to achieve that but we also can configure live streams through other platforms. Read more about Youtube livestream integration.

With a premium plan, you can also record your talk directly to your Dropbox. Contact us if you need a specific setup.

If you have a premium plan, you can define roles to users who will have specific rights in your map (for example, administrators can kick and ban users who break the code of conduct). To do so, you need to affect from your dashboard specific tags to your moderators, administrators, speakers, and so on.

A good way for your attendees to differentiate organizers from other attendees is to affect a custom skin for the avatars.

If you choose the freemium plan, you cannot exceed 15 simulatenous users.

If you choose a premium plan, technically you can safely plan to have 1000+ attendees on a single map. Be aware that you will have to design or pick up a map big enough to welcome all your users. The largest event up to date was the remote "Chaos Computer Club" event, that was organized on a modified version of WorkAdventure to create "parallel universes" on the fly. It welcomed 10000+ attendees!

If you are an event organizer, do not forget there is a difference between the total number of attendees and the number of simultaneous users connecting.

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