Frequently Asked Questions


Want to build your own map? You will need:

Tiled: this is the software you can use to design maps

A webserver to host your map (do not worry, there are plenty of free options to get one)

Follow the map building tutorial for more details.

Building your own map is not extremely complex, but if you want to get a beautiful result, it requires time and dedication.

If you are designing a map for the first time, a typical office map might take one to two days to design properly.

This estimate assumes you will be using "tiles" (the building blocks of a map) from readily available sources. If you want to design your own tiles to have a really custom office, it can take more time depending on your designer skillset.

Sure! You don't have time to build your map or you want a real professional to design your perfect map? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team, we will be happy to help!

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