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To unblock on a personal or corporate firewall, please add the domains `*` and ports `80 nad 443` as exceptions (or ask your administrator to do so).

To have the better experience with WorkAdventure, you must unlock port for our private Jitsi instance:

  • Media Traffic - UDP - 10000
  • HTTP/Bosh/WebSocket - TCP - 80
  • HTTPS/Bosh/Secure Websocket - TCP - 443
  • Media Traffic in Restricted Firewalls - TCP - 4443

You must to consider opening 5222 and 5347 ports for TCP as well.

If you want more information, you can check this website or contact us.

Because of the nature of the server infrastructure of virtual private network (VPN), WorkAdventure is unable to properly function on some kinds of VPNs, campus networks, or corporate networks. If you're in such a situation, you can try:

  • disabling your VPN,
  • asking your network administrator to unblock WorkAdventure,
  • contact us and talk with our network expert.

To unblock WorkAdventure on a personal or corporate firewall, please add these domains `*` and ports `80 and 443` as exceptions (or ask your administrator to do so).

PWA is available on your Chrome browser! Open chrome, go on your WorkAdventure Office and click on the install icon on the right of navigator address:

Enjoy 🚀

PWA is available on your Android mobile! Open Chrome, go to your WorkAdventure office and at the bottom you could click on the footer band "Add to home Screen":

Enjoy 🚀

PWA is available on your iPhone mobile! Open Safari, go to your WorkAdventure office, click on the export button and in the menu you can click on "Add to home Screen":

Enjoy 🚀

Minimum hardware requirements: a single 1.5 GHz processor, 1.0 GB RAM, a 64MB video card that supports 1028 x 768 screen resolution, and 100MB of available disk space.

Recommended hardware configuration: one or preferably multiple 2.0 GHz dual-core processors or faster, 2.0 GB RAM or more, and a 256MB video card that supports 1280 x 1024 or a much higher screen resolution.

Please note that as Phaser is a numerically and graphically intense application, its runtime performance is dependent on the combined performance of a machine's processor, memory, graphics.

More details here.

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