About the extended utility functions

The utility functions described in this section are not part of WorkAdventure core solution. Instead, they are provided in a separate NPM package called Scripting API Extra.

In this section, you will find a list of these extended functions.

Importing the "utility functions"

Import these functions in your project using NPM:

npm install --save @workadventure/scripting-api-extra

Note: these functions are provided as an ES6 module. You will need a "bundler" (like Webpack) to package your script. If you don't have a bundler already, have a look at the WorkAdventure Map Starter Kit. It provides a complete development environment ready with Typescript enabled.

For a complete installation guide here, check the "About the extended features" documentation

Utility functions

Need some help?

WorkAdventure is a constantly evolving project and there is plenty of room for improvement regarding map editing.

If you are facing any troubles, do not hesitate to open an "issue" in the GitHub WorkAdventure account.