Animating WorkAdventure maps

A tile can run an animation in loops, for example to render water or blinking lights. Each animation frame is a single 32x32 tile. To create an animation, edit the tileset in Tiled and click on the tile to animate (or pick a free tile to not overwrite existing ones) and click on the animation editor:

You can now add all tiles that should be part of the animation via drag and drop to the "playlist" and adjust the frame duration:

The tile animation editor

You can preview animations directly in Tiled, using the "Show tile animations" option:

The Show Tile Animations option

Tip: The engine does tile-updates every 100ms, animations with a shorter frame duration will most likely not look that good or may even do not work.

Need some help?

WorkAdventure is a constantly evolving project and there is plenty of room for improvement regarding map editing.

If you are facing any troubles, do not hesitate to open an "issue" in the GitHub WorkAdventure account.

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