Working with chat

Chat zones

It is possible to define special regions (zones) on the map that can allow any user who is inside to access a specified chat. We call them "chat zones". When player gets inside, a new room will be added in his chat :

Adding new chat zone

  1. Make sure you are editing an Object Layer

  2. Select Insert Rectangle tool

  3. Define new object wherever you want.

  4. Make sure your object is of class "area" !

  5. Edit this new object and click on Add Property, like this :

  6. Add a string property of name chatName

  7. Make sure you defined a name for your Chat

  8. Add a string property of name chatDescription

  9. Make sure you defined a description for your Chat

All should be set up now and your new chat zone should be working fine!

Need some help?

WorkAdventure is a constantly evolving project and there is plenty of room for improvement regarding map editing.

If you are facing any troubles, do not hesitate to open an "issue" in the GitHub WorkAdventure account.

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