Participants look for immersive experiences. Make your next virtual recruitment event more human by engaging with more fun and spontaneous interactions.

The context

Cécile Collier, Talent Acquisition Manager and Mélanie Delorme, Employment Brand Manager at Allianz, the first international insurance brand present across 70 countries, explain how they have been using WorkAdventure for their Flash Days recruitment sessions.

"Recruitment sessions require a big amount of preparation and logistical work for a limited-time and single use. By using WorkAdventure, we were able to quickly create a permanent, and infinitely reusable space. Candidates can thus come when they want or when they can to discover our culture, our professions, and our brand.

Even if we have a lot of media and content, the physical spaces sometimes limit our ability to stage them to immerse candidates in our universe. With WorkAdventure, there are no more limits. We were able to imagine and create a virtual world with a friendly atmosphere and a more fun and playful experience, which is organized around spaces with videos presenting our themes and a specific space for interviews."

Example of feature

The benefits

"The main benefits expected from this immersive experience were to give to as many apprenticeship candidates as possible the desire to join us, and to share with them our craving for innovation. 

The overhead view also allows candidates to find their way around better and dives them greater freedom to discover the Allianz universe.

Finally, the use of avatars seems to facilitate interactions between candidates but also with Allianz employees."

Example of feature

unique visitors over 2 days


appointments in the virtual interview spaces


NPS score, with candidates appreciating the immersive experience


direct interactions

of field experiences

All kind of content (document and videos) were integrated for Allianz to ealisy transmit its corporate cuture and share its areas of working field expertise: CSR, Olympic Games, HR innovation...

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Focus and privacy

Several interview rooms were created for candidates and recruiters. Recruiters could close the doors, and candidates had a black screen around the room to focus and have privacy.

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Feedback collection

Several quizzes and surveys were integrates for candidates to give feedback on their virtual recruitment experience.

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What Allianz says about us!

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Great potential

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