You have the extraordinary opportunity to deploy our platform directly on your very own infrastructure.

GitHub Repository

Our goal is to make it as effortless as possible for you, so we’ve taken the core of WorkAdventure and made it accessible on GitHub.

Feel absolutely free to install and deploy it, and if you’re interested, you can even contribute to enhancing our platform further! We truly value and appreciate your input and collaboration.

Feel free to contact us regarding deployment or installation!

Any problems? Come talk to us, you know where to find us by now!

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Collaborate in real-time and communicate directly amongst each project or mission with spontaneous conversations or scheduled meetings

If you’re feeling extra kind-hearted, you also have the option to support us by sponsoring our work on GitHub.

We have a special page specifically for sponsorship: Each bit of support we receive means the world to us!

Now, get ready, put on your explorer hat, and embark on an incredible journey with WorkAdventure! There’s an abundance of fascinating things waiting to be discovered and explored.


Safeguarding your security and data protection is of utmost importance to us! We strictly adhere to GDPR regulations, ensuring that no data is stored. All our services are 100% hosted within the European Union.

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