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Define your room capacity. How many users can be connected at the same time in your virtual workplace?

The best plan
for small gatherings!

No limit of time.

15 simultaneous users maximum.

Includes the free features.


The best plan
for meet ups!

4€ per simultaneous user

Includes the free and premium features.



The best plan
for large events!

8€ per simultaneous user

Includes the free and premium features.



The best plan
for remote and hybrid teams!

10€ per simultaneous user/month

Includes the free and premium features.

10 / month

From the creation of your world to the customization and development of your experience, we are here to help!

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Messages, video and audio
Chat, talk and share your screen in any room or any bubble zone
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Unlimited number of maps

Create all the maps you need in your acccount
Feature icon

Unrestricted map design

Choose your map from our presets, or design your own map without any restrictions

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Mobile and desktop PWA

Install WorkAdventure directly on your mobile or laptop / desktop to easily get access to your virtual workspace

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Follow WOKA

Easily follow other users. Keep talking with them while moving around your map

Privacy and Security
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Locked bubble

Lock and unlock your conversation bubble zone when you need privacy

Feature icon

Away mode

Decide if your camera & mic are muted when WorkAdventure is hidden behind another tab

Feature icon

Block user

Prohibit someone to video-chat with you

Feature icon

Kick and ban

Kick and ban users who are breaking the code of conduct (ID and IP address checking)

Feature icon

SSO Authentification

Log in using your company credentials. Requires an OpenID connect compatible provider (Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace...)

Feature icon


Open several websites, PDFs and work tools at the same time on WorkAdventure to facilitate collaboration

Feature icon

Contact menu

Customize the contact section in the main menu of your map to give information about your company or event

Feature icon

Live streaming and recording

Stream meetings in YouTube Live, the replay will be instantly available on YouTube. Or record your meeting on Dropbox.

White label
Feature icon

Brand and identity

Replace the WorkAdventure logos with your own logos. Import your brand colors.


Feature icon

Domain name

Use your own domain name to host your maps

Feature icon

Business cards

Customize your business card at any time to easily exchange contact details

Feature icon

Users list

Use the administrative dashboard to oversee the complete user list. Grant permissions for attendance and assign specific roles to individuals.

Feature icon

Connection links

Create unique connection links to sign into your map in one click (auto login token)

Feature icon

Dedicated rooms

Create a dedicated space for administrators and members who will have advanced moderation rights (sponsor booths, conference stages, private areas...)

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