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Define your capacity and how many users can be connected simultaneously in your virtual world. No limits!

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What's included?

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Use existing maps or design your own maps


Create unlimited public map instances


Create meeting rooms in your maps with up to 15 participants


Access management


Auto login token


Promote your sponsors


WOKA Personalization


Moderator controls




Push global messages


Publish meetings to Youtube Live


Record meetings


Google Calendar integration

We are GDPR compliant!

Security and Data protection is key for you and for us. We are GDPR compliant and Data is entirely stored in Europe. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy section.

GDPR Compliant

Open source project?

Get a free WorkAdventure account for your non-commercial open source project. Your project must meet these requirements:

  • Your project meets the Open Source definition
  • Your project is at least 3 months old
  • Your project is actively and regularly developed
  • You are the project lead or an active committer
  • Your project is NOT sponsored by a commercial company or organization and does NOT have paid employees
  • Your project does NOT provide commercial services (such as consulting or training) around the software, and does NOT distribute paid versions of the software

Self Hosted

The WorkAdventure core source code is distributed under the AGPL license modified by the Commons clause. You can therefore take the source code of WorkAdventure and install it on your own server.

The self-hosted version contains everything that is available in the free-tier.

Do not hesitate to have a look at the Github repository (and give us some stars!):

Need some help?

Do you have a question regarding the pricing? A special need? Are you looking for someone to accompany you in setting up your remote office or your event? Do not hesitate: