Participants look for immersive experiences. Make your next employees onboarding more human by engaging with more fun and spontaneous interactions.

The context

Born in 2001, Veepee is the European leader in online event-driven sales. Every day, the Veepee website offers its members access to these sales. Ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home equipment, toys, sports articles, high-tech, gastronomy products and more are sold in limited quantities for a certain period (between 3 and 5 days) at significant discounts, with a high-quality presentation. Constantly reinvent ourselves, with connected business, Brandsplace, second-hand goods, etc. Veepee’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit continuously drives it to develop and create new activities.

They explain how they use WorkAdventure for onboarding sessions between candidates but also with Allianz employees.

Example of feature

The benefits

The first objective was to have a common onboarding for all our new employees because they are welcomed in lots of different locations. As we are also hiring in full remote we needed a space to accommodate them. WorkAdventure helped us to onboard our newcomers with a technical solution more surprising and immerse them directly in our Tech culture. It also shows that we are a united team despite the fact that we are based in different places (VeepeeTech has offices in 11 cities in 6 countries).

As soon as new employees arrive, they have the opportunity to visit all our countries. They are welcomed remotely but already have a first idea of what their offices look like, it allows them to have a little teasing of what it will be like when they’ll physically join their offices. We hope they manage to recognize the space we have created for them and that it transmits familiarity. And our creative DNA!

Example of feature

virtual worlds interconnected


employees onboardings


direct interactions


Veepee subsidiaries

of offices

+30 virtual working space are interconnected with the main virtual world of Veepee so that employees can travel countries without even moving from their chair!

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Learning content

All kind of content (document and videos) were integrated for Veepee to ealisy offer learning sessions to new talents during their onboarding days.

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virtual working space

All virtual worlds are fully personnalized in the colors of Veepee to transmit the corporate culture and values of the company.

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What Veepee says about us !
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