Meet ups

Participants look for immersive experiences. Make your next meet ups more human by engaging with more fun and spontaneous interactions.

The context

Lizzie Laurenti, Internal Communications Project Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment International, explains how they use WorkAdventure for multisite meet ups. 

"We started using WorkAdventure in April 2021 for a seminar with around 50 Managers. This seminar used to be in person twice a year. It is an event with a lot of expectations regarding information handover but also cohesion between these people who are distributed around the world. We were getting away from 1 year, 1 year and a half of COVID times so nobody could actually see each other. So we were facing the challenge of gathering all these people in one single event but in a way a bit less conventional than Teams. We wanted to have something a bit funnier.

We have been also using it lately via other group’s subsidiaries which have been using it for their end of year Convention where more than 500 people were gathered for 2 days. So it is more punctual and precise events that reunite people at an international level."

Example of feature

The benefits

"We want to go bigger, and use this airport entrance for all our subsidiaries. It means we would like to bring all our subsidiaries together in this airport so that we can overcome physical barriers despite being all around the world. So the CTO of Singapore can talk to the CTO of the USA, the CHR of France can talk to the CHR of Cuba when they want, without needing to send any email.

We try to create a professional relationship where everyone can talk to each other without any problem, with no frontiers. So this is what we are trying to do, this would be my ideal with this hub airport we created."

Example of feature

Conference rooms


subsidiaries interconnected


private zones


Simultaneous interactions

A secure access

Bouygues Bâtiment International's employees can easily log into WorkAdventure with their corporate account thanks to Single-Sign On integration.

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dedicated spaces

Use auditoriums for your conferences, collaboration areas for your workshops, and chill out zones for breaking times.

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teamwork spirit

Strenghten relationships and sense of belonging. Teamwork spirit is always improved when communication is easy and social ties are created.

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Multiplicity of uses

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