Participants look for immersive experiences. Make your next internal event more human by engaging with more fun and spontaneous interactions.

The context

Kai Splitthof, responsible for delivering various communication services (e.g., messaging services, phone services, contact center) to all employees at DB Systel, the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn group, explains how they utilize WorkAdventure.

"The way we communicate during our workday has never changed as drastically as it has in the last few years. With remote work here to stay, we have lost those spontaneous interactions and conversations that served as crucial channels for information, creativity, and added a fun and social aspect to our workday. We have also noticed a decline in the social aspects of events, where networking often proves more valuable than the presentations themselves. The typical impromptu conversation groups, the ability to look around the room and reconnect with someone you haven't been in contact with for a while, and the chance to make new connections have all vanished in one-sided video calls.

Another challenge that comes with the rise of remote work is organizing face-to-face events, especially considering that more and more jobs now offer the opportunity to work from anywhere. Not everyone interested in attending an event can do so in person due to travel time or limitations on travel expenses. By hosting location-independent events in WorkAdventure, we can enable more people to participate and benefit from all aspects of an event, particularly the social aspects of networking!"

Example of feature

The benefits

WorkAdventure gives us a way of breaking the social isolation when working remotely and provides a new home for this vital, unscheduled communication. Additionally, we can create environments for digital events which enable the social experience of walking through different market booths and chatting with other attendees or walking up to speakers after their presentations. By using WorkAdventure we can offer dynamic and social digital events which are accessible to more employees regardless of their location!

Since using WorkAdventure we had more than 5.000 unique users attending internal events!

Example of feature

employees visited their biggest event, an internal fair to connect technology-interested employees with each other


teams presented themselves with a market stall to their trainees


direct interactions


internal event organized

all kind of events

Create and easily modify your virtual world to create different internal events: escape games, all-hands conferences, races...

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integrate content

Integrate all kind of content (videos, PDFs, website links...) in your virtual world to give information during your internal event.

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virtual spaces

Interconnect all your virtual worlds at any time!

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