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Participants look for immersive experiences. Make your next team building activity more human by engaging with more fun and spontaneous interactions.

The context

"The Coding Machine is a 15-years-old company specialized in web and mobile development which accompanies start-ups and big companies in their digital projects. Chloé Cu An Binh, developer and project manager at The Coding Machine, explains how they have been using WorkAdventure for team building activities.

We have been using WorkAdventure since its beginnings to communicate with our colleagues. It was aiming to replace other tools like Zoom or Meet, but also to recreate these coffee breaks that we have lost during the first lockdown. And then we have been making the most of it with team building workshops, but also cooking sessions with everyone at home. We also did book club workshops.

The House Tournament of The Coding Machine was created internally by motivated employees who wanted to create a team spirit. The aim of this tournament is to gather people who are not used to spending time with one another because they are not in the same team, or simply because they are not in the same subsidiary. It allows us to better know each other, something that has become a bit more complicated with hybrid teams. We do not always have the opportunity to bump into each other. That is when the idea of this tournament came."

Example of feature

The benefits

"The big plus we have with WorkAdventure is that we can gather in one unique platform one entire House, especially thanks to the secret rooms. It means that only House members can get access to their secret room to talk about game strategy, ways of collecting points …

During the opening ceremony, WorkAdventure allowed us to live broadcast the announcement of the different houses, the announcement of the tournament and it allowed us to all be together - those who were in the amphitheater of our The Coding Machine offices, and those who were in the amphitheater on WorkAdventure.

Thanks to the use of WorkAdventure for the House Tournament, we realized we can organize team building activities that gather people from different subsidiaries, from different cities, from different countries. We realize we can create strong connections amongst people from different teams and this is very cool. This is one of the first events at TCM that is organized in this way and I think it’s not going to be the last. It leaves the door open for other similar opportunities."



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spontaneous interactions


Simultaneous user


Easily record all your meet ups and team building activities directly on WorkAdventure.

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Private rooms

Create private access for specific rooms. Only some users will be able to access the private room or area.

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Decorate your
virtual space

Quickly customize your virtual space for every occasion.

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