About us

WorkAdventure is a human story, a French-made challenge started up in 2020. David, Gregoire and Arthmaël started to imagine a virtual space where social spontaneity would be regained while being behind their screens: WorkAdventure was born.

Being an open-source platform, the number of users has exploded, and Gregory has jumped to add this quite important input, called the business vision. WorkAdventure became the platform used for creating virtual offices and organizing digital events (and way more!).

So to say, we are aiming to:

  • Create new places to collaborate while allowing informal interactions
  • Improve work productivity with a unique platform for chats, documents share, visio conferences and of course coffee breaks
  • Bringing employees of multi-site companies closer together
  • Putting an end to the work-eat-sleep routine and to the non-productive face-to-face meetings

You need some figures to understand why you should integrate it into your daily routine? Well, WorkAdventure is:

  • An independent Parisian start-up with nearly 10 teammates
  • More than 100 virtual offices daily used
  • More than 500 digital events organized
  • Thousands of daily users
  • And 1600 stars on GitHub ⭐

Ready to take off? We are always happy to meet more people. Come and meet us at our office.

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