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How do I build my map?

Want to build your own map? You will need:

  • Tiled: this is the software you can use to design maps
  • A webserver to host your map (do not worry, there are plenty of free options to get one)

Follow the map building tutorial for more details.

Is it complex to build a map?

Building your own map is not extremely complex, but if you want to get a beautiful result, it requires time and dedication.

If you are designing a map for the first time, a typical office map might take one to two days to design properly.

This estimate assumes you will be using "tiles" (the building blocks of a map) from readily available sources. If you want to design your own tiles to have a really custom office, it can take more time depending on your designer skillset.

Can you build a map for me?

Sure! You don't have time to build your map or you want a real professional to design your perfect map? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team, we will be happy to help!


What is the maximum number of players in WorkAdventure?

Technically, you can safely plan to have 1000+ simultaneous players on a single map. But be aware that you will have to design a map big enough to welcome all your users!

If you are an event organizer, do not forget there is a difference between the total number of attendees and the number of simultaneous people connecting.

If you plan to have way more players, please contact us! It is possible to host very large events on WorkAdventure. The largest event to date was the remote "Chaos Computer Club" event that was organized on a modified version of WorkAdventure to create "parallel universes" on the fly. It welcomed 10000+ attendees!


What happens in the free tier if I run over 25 users?

As of now, nothing. There is no strong restriction on the number of concurrent users in a room. This might of course change in the future.

But please do not try to organize a meeting with thousands of users on the free tier as this might simply put too much strain on the free-tier architecture.

We are of course monitoring the room sizes, and we will ask you to choose a pro plan if you are often going above the threshold.

Finally, if you are often using WorkAdventure, please consider subscribing to a pro plan. WorkAdventure requires a lot of work and your financial support will help us build more awesome features!


What is the license of the self-hosted version of WorkAdventure?

The self-hosted version of WorkAdventure is distributed under the AGPL v3 license modified by the Commons Clause.

It means the source code is available (on Github).

Because it is based on the AGPL license, you can freely:

  • Use the software as you wish
  • Change the software as you wish

If you redistribute the software or put a modified version of the software online:

  • You must make the source code of the modified software available

So any changes you make must be shared with the community.

Because the AGPL license is modified by the Commons Clause, there is one thing you cannot do: you are not allowed to sell a version of WorkAdventure online as a service (as a SAAS software).

You can:

  • Install the software in your company
  • Sell services for installing the software for other companies

You cannot:

  • Offer online subscriptions to a WorkAdventure server you are putting online

TheCodingMachine / the WorkAdventure team is the sole entity allowed to sell subscriptions to the solution online.

Is it open-source?

Because of the Commons clause (see above), the license of WorkAdventure is not considered OSI compliant.

Still, the source code is available and you retain most of the advantages of a classical open-source license.

The common clause (or other similar restrictions) is used by other projects (like Neo4J or Redis). We use it to avoid cloud providers to take advantage of the work performed on WorkAdventure by selling subscriptions to the product themselves.

We, at TheCodingMachine, believe in the ideal of Open Source software. Our goal is to keep WorkAdventure as open as possible and to grow a vibrant community. We also want to make WorkAdventure a sustainable product, with a dedicated team working on it in the long term. This means monetizing it. Keep in mind WorkAdventure is quite new (it is less than a year old as we write this FAQ) and the licensing details of future versions of WorkAdventure might evolve as we strive to stay in the future both open and sustainable.

What is the difference between the online version of WorkAdventure and the self-hosted version?

The self-hosted version contains the game and everything you need to display maps, speak to users, etc...

The online version of WorkAdventure is the same as the self-hosted version but additionally it is connected to an administration panel to manage members, roles, restrictions, and perform moderation.


Cannot speak to other users in a bubble or in Jitsi

You can connect to WorkAdventure, move your character, but when you get close to another user, you cannot speak with him/her. Or you cannot speak or hear people in a Jitsi room.

All these problems can occur when we cannot establish a video / audio connection. In technical jargon, we call those "WebRTC" connections. WebRTC connections can fail due to a wide number of issues but most of the time, this is due to a network that is too restricted because of firewalls or other protections installed by the network administrator.

You can troubleshoot your network connection with your local system administrator, using the self-diagnosis tool below.

Test your network connection

If you are trying to troubleshoot a problem on someone else's computer, please share with this person this self-diagnosis link:

Pressing a key does nothing

If you are stuck on the welcome screen and the application is not responding at all when you are pressing keys on your keyboard, there is a known issue with the Evernote Web Clipper extension on Google Chrome.

Go in the Google Chrome > More tools > Extensions menu.

Look for the Evernote Web Clipper extension. If it is present, disable the extension.

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