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The context

Dolly Ramella, pedagogical engineer and digital project manager for the Espace des Langues explains how they have been using WorkAdventure: "The Espace des Langues brings together four projects: an immersive room, a Third-Location, the Rennes 2 media library and the virtual world. This unique multi-purpose space will be connected to the virtual world by means of a repository of language resources available to all. Our aim with this initiative is to encourage exchanges between the 21,000 students at Rennes 2, students from the Rennes region and the international community, as we have a strong presence of international students in Rennes (around 3,000 international students at Rennes 2 every year). Being able to discover the Rennes campuses before you even arrive is a great opportunity.

In this virtual world, we want to encourage interaction between students, teachers and university administrators. On the one hand, WorkAdventure enables us to create our own 2D representation of the campus, and on the other, it provides us with very interesting interaction resources, such as chat, microphone, video and video-conferencing rooms.

A key argument was the protection of user data and the transparency of the data management plan. The open source aspect is essential for us, as is digital sobriety, which are pillars of our Espace des Langues and PIA DEMOES AIR projects. Our aim is to create OER (Open Educational Resources).

Example of feature

The benefits

The aim of this event called "Le Printemps de l'orientation"  is to help secondary school students prepare for their career choices. We have prepared a guided tour and an escape game to discover the linguistic offer at Rennes 2 and demystify student life. On the WorkAdventure platform, we have put online a first version of what will be the virtual world of the Espace des Langues Rennes2D. We reproduced two buildings from the University of Rennes and Rennes 2, linked by a metro, to give an overview of the two campuses. Over the three days of the event, we organized 20 visit sessions, led by students from the Didactics of Languages Master's program and ambassadors from the BRIO project. In all, we welcomed 406 high school students and had a total of 12 student facilitators. It's fair to say that this project was designed by students, for future students, and the real highlight of this success was getting the students themselves involved, creating a peer-to-peer experience.

Thanks to this platform, we were able to create an interactive virtual world, the Espace des Langues Rennes2D, which served as a framework for our activities. WorkAdventure enabled us to create an immersive experience for high school students. They were able to virtually explore the buildings of the University of Rennes and Rennes 2, move around on the virtual metro and interact with the different spaces. They solved puzzles, took part in activities and interacted with the student animators, making the experience more engaging and interesting.

Finally, WorkAdventure eliminated geographical and time constraints. High school students were able to participate in the event from anywhere, by logging on online. What's more, WorkAdventure enabled us to organize several visiting sessions throughout the three-day event, offering greater flexibility to participants.

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interconnected virtual worlds

all kind of events

Create and easily modify your virtual world to create different internal events: escape games, all-hands conferences, puzzles...

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integrate content

Integrate all kind of content (videos, PDFs, website links...) in your virtual world to give information during your internal event.

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virtual spaces

Interconnect all your virtual worlds at any time!

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